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After lifting weights at UIC, I hurried to the Loop to catch a screening of Iron Man 3 at the River East 21. Actually, I wanted to see Star Trek Into Dorkness, but the Reader had given me the wrong times, and IM3 was the next non-3D screening.

So I watched that. (Brief review: I thought it the best of all the recent Marvel movies.) Emerging from the theater, I discovered that I’d just dodged a sudden downpour. After grabbing an iced latte at Fox & Obel, I walked along the lake, listening to a Magic podcast and worrying that the storm to the south might overtake me:

Lake Michigan 1 (30 May 13)

Lake Michigan 2 (30 May 13)

Lake Michigan 3 (30 May 13)

But it swung out east, over the lake, and I got to see some pretty lightning. (Nature trumps superhero movies.)

When I reached North Avenue Beach I headed into Lincoln Park where I ate supermarket sushi and got a haircut, then headed home.

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A while back, I posted at Big Other a picture of a bust of Chicago’s first permanent resident. A few people have contacted me since then, asking if they could use the picture in various projects. Alas, I stole it from the internet, and have no rights to it. (Sorry, internet.)

But in an effort to try and balance out my karma, yesterday I swung by the statue and took a few photos with my phone. I won’t claim that they are exceptional, but if anyone wants to use them, you’re welcome to them.

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable 01(More after the jump.)


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boys briefs

Saw them while out walking. They were lying on the ground outside the Windy City Fieldhouse, which is right next to the Target. I would imagine that they’re still there. Hurry before someone else comes and takes them!

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I was tired of not having a decent digital camera (my phone takes sucky photos), so I bought an iPod Touch. I figure, if I’m going to buy a camera, I might as well also be able to put music on it, and videos, and browse the internet and such. (Right?)

Now I can take all the photos I want! And so I will probably start posting more photos at this blog. Here’s one:

Look at how proud I look to own new tech!

Those are copies of Amazing Adult Fantasy behind me. (Michelangelo is guarding them.)

I also took some photos of my neighbor, the author Kyle Beachy, whom I ran into at the skate park near our respective apartments (I was taking one of my signature long walks):


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Which is tomorrow, at the UIC Forum (725 W. Roosevelt Rd). At 2pm (free) and 8pm ($10).

This year’s theme is “Iconic.” (Clips from previous shows are here but our show will be much better!)

See you there!

P.S. I remain keen to do more fashion modeling after this, and as such appreciate any leads…

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From Curt’s house in Normal to my old apartment in Bloomington, then back again.

Started around 7:50pm. I waited until the sun went down, as it was very hot.


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