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I’m thrilled to announce that I just had a story accepted by Conjunctions—which is one of my favorite literary journals—for their upcoming fall issue, “A Cabinet of Curiosity.” I thought I’d mark the occasion by doing a little housekeeping, pulling together a list of all my published fiction, in case you feel like checking out my past work…


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AAF at Myopic

Just sayin’.

…unless…it’s a second used copy?

(Amazing Adult Fantasy)

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I was tired of not having a decent digital camera (my phone takes sucky photos), so I bought an iPod Touch. I figure, if I’m going to buy a camera, I might as well also be able to put music on it, and videos, and browse the internet and such. (Right?)

Now I can take all the photos I want! And so I will probably start posting more photos at this blog. Here’s one:

Look at how proud I look to own new tech!

Those are copies of Amazing Adult Fantasy behind me. (Michelangelo is guarding them.)

I also took some photos of my neighbor, the author Kyle Beachy, whom I ran into at the skate park near our respective apartments (I was taking one of my signature long walks):


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The other day I was in Myopic Books, and I came across a copy of Amazing Adult Fantasy on the shelves. Perhaps perversely, this delighted me to no end. I’ve bought a lot of books in my life, and most of them I’ve bought used. So I feel as though I can finally recognize myself as an author.

Anyone else ever have that experience?

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Between now and 31 October, Mutable Sound is offering the following deal. Buy my prose collection Amazing Adult Fantasy, and you’ll get Colin Winnette’s debut novel Revelation for free. Or buy Revelation, and you’ll get AAF for free.

Basically, send Mutable $17.95 ($12.95 for the book + $5 shipping), and you’ll get both Amazing Adult Fantasy and Revelation, sent to your mailbox, or placed by the USPS on the floor beside your mailbox.

You can also purchase Amazing Adult Fantasy and Revelation through Amazon, if you so prefer and so choose.

Suspicious? Here are reviews of Amazing Adult Fantasy:

And here are some stories from it:

And here are some reviews of Revelation:

And here is an excerpt from it.

And here is an interview with Colin. And here is an interview with me. Surely that is enough to tip your hand toward the purchase key on your screen?

Thank you for your interest!

Look at polite & honest we look!

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Some people have asked me where they can buy my two books. This is kind of them, and this post will answer those questions and more, read on for all of of the answers (and more!).

What are your books?

I’ve written two books, a story collection called Amazing Adult Fantasy and a novel called Giant Slugs they both came out in 2011.

Where can I buy Amazing Adult Fantasy?

You can buy it at Amazon or from its publisher (Mutable Sound) or physically in some bookstores; you can walk in and purchase a physical copy.

What are those bookstores?

In Chicago, you can buy it at Quimby’s or at Bucket O’  Blood. Both are very nice stores I recommend them.

Is there anywhere else?

Yes, but I can’t remember where at the moment. What is wrong with Chicago or online? Amazon even has used copies you can save some real $.

I already have Amazing Adult Fantasy where can I buy Giant Slugs?

You can buy Giant Slugs in New Zealand, a country that is halfway around the world. You can fly there on a plane and purchase it in a New Zealand book shop.

I am afraid of planes is there really nowhere in the United States that I can buy it?

No, I am afraid that at this time there is not.

Is there really nowhere else in the entire world that I can buy it?

Yes, there is the internet, you can wire money to the publisher (Lawrence and Gibson) and in a while the book will arrive on your doorstep or in your mailbox.

That’s cool but what if I want to read it for free online?

You are something of a shady bum but you can read parts of it for free online at The Collagist and at elimae and at Action, Yes.

That’s cool what if I want to read parts of Amazing Adult Fantasy for free online?

You can read parts of it for free online at elimae and the2ndhand and Lamination Colony and alice blue review and elimae and Feathertale and Mutable Sound and Necessary Fiction and NOÕ Journal and Caketrain (PDF). As well as other places but in print like Denver Quarterly and Fiction International; they’re waiting for you in the library.

Very nice now I do not have a need to buy it.

Dude that’s like less than half the book you will still get your $’s worth if you “lay out the coin.” Plus Republicans will close your local library.

But what if I am still overcautious and want to read the opinions of others I don’t know before I “pull the trigger”?

Dude it doesn’t really cost that much but you can read positive reviews here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

Very nice but where can I read positive reviews of Giant Slugs?

Dude said book was published in New Zealand and like no one has ever read it let alone written a proper review of it.

Dude that’s sad.

Dude I know, tell me about it, I slaved over that novel for ten years. But said novel’s good, take my writerly word for it!

Michael Clark liked it and blurbed it; Gabe Gudding did, too. Plus Gabriel Chad Boyer just said that he liked it. Writers named Gabriel are guaranteed to like it.

“Sweet!” So if I purchase your books with my dollars will you write me a personalized and polite and nice letter?

Yes I will be totally happy to do that, also I will draw you a picture of your favorite kind of animal; it will be my pleasure. Or if you want me to draw something else I will draw something else, just tell me what*.

*Caveat please be warned I am not a good drawer or letter writer.

OK, I’ll think about it.

Thank you!

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In reverse-chronological order:

Special offer reminder: If you buy my novel Giant Slugs before 13 April, I’ll mail a copy of Amazing Adult Fantasy to the North America address of your choice.

I’ll also include a letter and a drawing of your favorite animal.

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By Robert L. McLaughlin—many thanks to him and RCF for the very kind words!

Remember, between now and 13 April, if you buy my novel Giant Slugs, I’ll send you a free copy of Amazing Adult Fantasy. I’ve already mailed out one, so you know it’s legit. (More details below.)

I will also write you a letter, and draw you a picture of your favorite animal.

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If you order my novel Giant Slugs between now and 13 April, I’ll send you a free copy of my prose collection Amazing Adult Fantasy (which retails for $12.95 US). (I’m afraid that, for now, this is North America only.)

You can purchase Giant Slugs directly from its publisher, Lawrence and Gibson. It costs $38 New Zealand (that includes shipping to the US), which equals roughly $31.77 US.

So this way, for that amount, you get both of my books, shipping included!

For more about Giant Slugs, click here. And for more about Amazing Adult Fantasy, click here. (And if you have any questions, let me know!)

Update: If you order GS before AWP, and will be in town for that conference, I’ll be happy to hand you a copy of AAF there!

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Specifically, I finished linking to all of my online publications (minus the Big Other and HTMLGIANT stuff). Now you can revisit pieces from Amazing Adult Fantasy, Giant Slugs, plus numerous other stories and novel excerpts and book reviews and miscellaneous things. Or…you can not! Either way, enjoy.

…I also updated the events page.

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