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Right after this post went up, I received a text from Ryan Lang saying that Bang Bang Pie & Coffee would open “tomorrow, March 29, @7am.”

As in, today. As in, they’re already open. As in—you could be there right now, enjoying slices of Shaker Lemon, Chocolate Orange, and Banana Cream pie. And coffee.

Bang Bang Pie and Coffee is located at 2051 N. California, just south of the California Blue Line stop.

And to reiterate, I will be reading there on Thursday, 10 May, 7pm, with Annah Browning and Lara Levitan.

Also, Ryan tells me there’ll be a there on Thursday, April 12…

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I'm pretty sure this is what the space looks like. (I haven't been there yet.)

That’s Thursday, May 10th. Also reading will be Chicago’s own Lara Levitan, and my UIC classmate Annah Browning. This will start around 7pm.

Bang Bang Pie & Coffee is a new shop located at 2051 N. California, two blocks due south of the California Blue Line stop.

Thanks to Ryan Lang for inviting me! Ryan used to run the Ipsento series, and this is his new one. I’ve already recommended that he call it “Bang Bang Fiction & Poetry.”

See you there!

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