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For a couple of months now, Mike Meginnis has been inviting folks to collaborate with him on an online series, Exits Are. It’s conducted over G-chat, with Mike pretending to be an old school text-based adventure game.

He’s so far posted sessions with Blake Butler, Tim Dicks, Matt Bell, Aubrey Hirsch, Brian Oliu, Elisa Gabbert, and Robert Kloss. Mine went up yesterday, here. It involves tortas, rare book thieves, black helicopter, parkour, Moby Dick, Beck, beans, and a giant eyebrow.

Oh, the whole thing’s being published by Artifice Press. There’s a new one every Monday. Check back for future installments with Russ Woods, Nicolle Elizabeth, Chris Kelly, Chris Newgent, Joe Scapellato, Amber Sparks, Joe Milazzo, and Matthew Baker … And if you’d like to see your own name in that list, check out how to get involved.

(Thanks, Mike!

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