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I’ve had this coffee travel mug for years. It’s made by Contigo, which I dimly recall means “with you” in Spanish (right?).

But what I find interesting is how that final syllable is emphasized through the lines—hence, “it goes with you.”

… It’s not a huge deal, but I like the fact that it’s making an interlingual pun.

Update: I guess conti means “accounts” in Italian. So the mug also accounts for your coffee?

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Our longest-running family Thanksgiving tradition is that my dad makes a pie for every single person who joins us for Thanksgiving. That’s right, an entire pie per person. It’s excessive and every year we promise we’re going to cut back. And this year—we finally did! My dad made only eight pies (that’s for thirteen people, mind you, still an excessive amount of pie ).

Each person gets to choose his or her pie. My choice is always apple, which is my favorite:

Besides that, we had two Boston cremes:

… a cherry …

… a French apple …

… a key lime …

… and two pumpkins …

Taken all together, here’s what they looked like:

(Why, yes, that is Turkey Hill ice cream in the background.)

And here’s what my (first) plate looked like:

And here’s the aftermath:

There’s still plenty left, if you’d like a slice! (This means you, Jeff.)

Once again, I hope you’re having a Happy Thanksgiving, no matter where you are  …

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