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When I was in college, Federico Fellini was the first foreign filmmaker I really got into. I watched  repeatedly, and made it my mission to watch every one of his films. I had some trouble finding La voce della luna, but eventually tracked down two VHS bootleg copies: one letterboxed but lacking English subs, the other subtitled, but pan-and-scanned. My pal Elf and I watched them simultaneously, on two TV-VCR setups. We had to keep briefly pausing one of the videos every few minutes, to keep them both in sync. (I don’t know if the movie ever got official US distribution. I see there’s a copy up at YouTube, but it lacks English subs.)

So I’m what you might call a Fellini fanatic. But until the other day, I didn’t know he’d directed TV commercials. I’ll embed them below the jump.


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