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Here, right here, click right here to see this film. It’s a punk ballet. It’s 86 minutes long.

I’ve written about this magnificent film here & here.

More can also be found here & here & here. You will not find it in the history books but who cares? It’s a secret history. Like Jack Smith!

It’s the Real Art History.

Please whatever you are doing, take the time to watch this film this very second. Do not put it off another day!

Because if you do, your skin will fester and blister and fall off. And also you will be at risk of dying without having seen one of the most beautiful movies to be seen, and that will be sad.

Also,  it is my dream that everybody living on the earth will see this film. And so I want to organize a screening.

And so if anyone reading this now wants to help make this dream a dream-come-true, please contact me.

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I’m gonna go see Avengers. Summoning the energy to do so reminded me of a conversation with my pal Jeremy, where we agreed that Guy Maddin should make an Aquaman movie. The closest he’s come to already doing that is this:

Hell, if someone laid a filter over it, so some old timey-looking bubbles periodically went by, it would be an actual Aquaman movie. (You just know that Aquaman traverses Atlantis on an antique bicycle.)

There’s also a director’s cut:


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