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In all seriousness, though only inasmuch as I know anything about these things (i.e., not much):

  1. He likes athletics and kept in shape while president and thus served as a good role model in that regard.
  2. He tried cracking down on sex tourism in SE Asia. I lived in Thailand between 2003–5 and this probably got more attention there than here?
  3. He tried doing something about AIDS in Africa.
  4. In 2005, he helped establish the King Abdullah scholarship program. Since then, I’ve taught several Saudi students who came to the US to study through that program.
  5. He comes across as a nice enough guy who would be, as the saying goes, someone you could have a beer with.

Other than that, he was a godawful, terrible, horrible, monstrous, disastrous president and I hated every second of his two terms.

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