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This is an inventory all of all my film articles, updated whenever I write something new. I put the general / theoretical articles first, followed by more specific reviews and analyses. Christopher Nolan of course gets his own section, as does Drive. Enjoy!

Arguments for an expanded notion of cinema:

Other overviews:

Christopher Nolan:


The Dark Knight Rises:


The Hobbit:

Other movie reviews & analyses:

My Favorite New Movies (my yearly round-ups):

A D & Jeremy Talk about Movies:


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I first heard this song on a radio program my pal John Dixon taped for me, then spent a decade trying to identify it. I played it for employees at Reckless Records and everything. Jeremy M. Davies finally figured it out, as I documented over at HTMLGiant.

Fantastic Everlasting Gobstopper is also Angela Faye Tillett, aka Death By Chocolate. Wherever or whoever she is now—thanks for this song!

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Because it is.

Some cover versions, after the jump.


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American Book Review recently featured a section on “book blogs,” which included reviews of both HTMLGIANT (by Matthew Vollmer) and Big Other (by Mary Miller).

(I was mentioned in both, for what it’s worth.)

The whole feature was edited by Brian Carr, and also includes reviews of NewPages and The Rumpus and The Millions and The Nervous Breakdown and Bookslut and The Barking and MobyLives.

Random trivia tidbit: I was once the layout editor of ABR, 2000–1.

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Update: You can listen to the (archived) broadcast here!

On the Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio. It’s from 1–2pm ET (12–1 CT). They’re doing a show on sincerity, and speaking with the author R. Jay Magill, author of the very recent book Sincerity: How a moral ideal born five hundred years ago inspired religious wars, modern art, hipster chic, and the curious notion that we all have something to say (no matter how dull).

I’ll be on in the second half of the show, speaking about the New Sincerity, which I’ve written a bit about at HTMLGIANT:

And here’s more on Magill’s book, which I’m very happy to now know about.

Hope you can tune in! (Online, click here, then click “Listen Live.”)

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I used this technique when writing my first novel, Giant Slugs. The opening sentence of it is:

We’ll all follow the finer taboos, the tattoos of a pro percussionist’s tom-toms.

To whit:

  • We’ll all < wall (every chapter in GS starts with a play on that word)
  • pro percussionist < proper
  • percussionist’s tom-toms < custom

Thus, the sentence contains the line “We’ll all follow the finer taboos and proper customs.”

I used this technique a lot in writing the novel, but the only other example I can think of at the moment is the line “Wisdom draped from them like clad oaks.” The draped trees therein were originally “cloaks.”

I don’t think anyone will ever really notice this or care, but I had a really great time writing Giant Slugs, and hopefully that pleasure and playfulness comes through.

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I’ve written a lot at both HTMLGIANT and Big Other and so, mainly for my own sake, I’ve created guides to those all posts.

The HTMLGIANT guide is here. It is as of yet mostly uncategorized, though I’ve added some general keywords describing each post.

The Big Other guide is here. It is categorized to the point of redundancy.

This is of course assuming of course that you care to (re-)visit any of that writing. (If so, thanks!)

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Me, lecturing. Photo by Caroline Picard.

Last week was such a busy one for me that I forgot to mention that I was giving a lecture at Co-Prosperity Sphere. This was part of a mini-symposium organized by Lily Robert-Foley, Location/Location: The Mistranslation of Objects, which was part of the show Field Static, curated by Caroline Picard and Devin King. The other symposium participants were Meredith Kooi, Laura Goldstein & Brett Balogh, Gene Tanta, and T. Siddle.

I had promised to talk about “Conceptual Writing’s Aesthetic and Political Commitments,” but instead I presented two of my recent HTMLGIANT “generating text” posts: “The Spell Check Technique” and “Dictionary Expansions.” You can see photos from the event here.

Field Static will be up through 13 June, and includes work by Rebecca Mir, Carrie Gundersdorf, Heather Mekkelson, Ellen Rothenberg, Stephen Lapthisophon, Christian Kuras, Duncan MacKenzie, Mark Booth, and my former roommate Justin Cabrillos. Co-Prosperity Sphere is open on Sundays from 1-4 and by appointment.

The show in the space. Photo by Caroline Picard.

Thanks, Lily, Caroline, and Devin! And congrats, Caroline & Devin! I still think you should hyphenate your surnames: “King Picard”!

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The articles are starting to pile up there, so I created a section at my website that links to each post.

I also took a moment to update my guide to all of my writing at Big Other. Enjoy…

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I’m flattered. Top of the list, too. Thanks to Tim, Mike, and all the others for making my day!

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