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Here are all the online videos of me reading and performing that I currently know of:

Obviously, I need to start taping more of my events.

You can find a list of all of my past events at my site, here.

Currently I have no new events scheduled  😦

I am available to read, sing, dance, juggle, strip, flex, and receive hecklers graciously.

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On Wednesday, 14 December, 7–10pm. At the Beauty Bar (1444 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago).

Also reading will be James Tadd Adcox, Chris Bower, Lindsay Hunter, Samantha Irby, Meghan Lamb, Dan Shapiro, Ben Tanzer, John Thurgood, Russ Woods, and Joshua Young. And the MCs will be Mason Johnson, Jon Mau, and Matt Rowan.

Untoward Magazine published my story “5000 Units of Product,” as well as a two-part interview with me, concerning Amazing Adult Fantasy and Giant Slugs.

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…is now live, here. It was guest-edited by Jarred McGinnis. It includes an article I wrote about the current state of US small press writing. In addition to that, there are creative pieces by Merle Drown, Roxane Gay, Lindsay Hunter, Joshua Mohr, Kim Parko, Matthew Salesses, and Ryan Van Winkle. And music playlists. And embedded YouTube videos (I highly approve). And you can download it all as a printable chapbook, here (PDF).

From Jarred’s introduction: “This special issue of Beat the Dust was motivated by just how surprisingly little interaction there is amongst the indy-lit scenes of UK and the USA, despite the great bridge of the internet.”

On a related note, here are three guest posts I published for Jarred at Big Other, reports on his London-based reading series, “The Special Relationship”: #1 | #2 | #3.


P.S. My complete playlist is after the jump.


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I will also be reading, next month, at the series “What to Wear During an Orange Alert?Friday, 19 August, 6pm, at The Whistler (Logan Square, Chicago).

This is an older photo, and the window display changes a lot. It's all white at the moment. But there will probably still be two bikes parked outside.

Also reading will be Steve Roggenbuck, Brett E. Gallagher, and Keith Ecker.

And before that, there’s an Orange Alert this Sunday, July 17th at 6pm, also at the Whistler, and featuring Peter Schwartz, Jesús Ángel García, Barry Graham, Lindsay Hunter, Steve Himmer. I wish I could go, because Lindsay’s a lovely person, and Steve seems very nice, and Jesús is an online friend whom I’ve wanted to meet for some time now. And I’m sure the other two fellows are nice as well. But I’ll be out of town.

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…alongside some fine other folks:

Note the new venue!

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