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Next month will see me reading at the Ipsento reading series, hosted by Ryan Lang: Thursday, 11 August, 7pm, at Ipsento Cafe (Bucktown, Chicago).

Canted like a Batman villain's lair.

Also reading will be other people!

And before that, there’s an Ipsento reading this Thursday, 14 July, also at 7pm, also at Ipsento, and featuring Matt Crews, Ian McCarty, and Heather Cramond. I am fortunate to count Ian and Heather as friends, and Matt as an acquaintance whom I hope becomes a friend. Perhaps this Thursday?

Ryan is the most organized series host in Chicago; he schedules each reader to the minute. And so Matt will be reading between 7:15–7:35; Ian will be reading between 7:35–7:55; and Heather will be reading between 7:55–8:15. Therefore, theoretically, you could time your arrival to hear only two or three of the evening’s readers. I would however discourage you from pursuing that line of action.

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