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The Gin Blossoms were the first rock concert I saw, at the University of Scranton. Apparently this happened on 21 April 1994. My dad was given two tickets way in advance, and then “Hey Jealousy” became a huge hit and the show sold out. For a week or so, I was the coolest kid in my high school. I took my friend Chad and of course we wore ripped jeans and flannel shirts. The Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies opened and I was amazed by how tall and badass the lead guitarist looked. Chad and I befriended two cute girls from Allentown and danced with them all evening. I even got to mosh and crowd surf. Afterward, I couldn’t hear normally again for a few days. All in all, it was a pretty generic experience, but it was my generic experience.

I still like most of the songs on New Miserable Experience: “Lost Horizons,” “Hey Jealousy,” “Found Out About You,” “On Allison Road,” “29,” “Pieces of the Night”—and of course the above cut, which is surely the prettiest track on the album. Although Song Meanings tells me that it doesn’t in fact include what was until today my favorite line in the song—”I’m having a good enough time”—and that possibly changes things.

The official video version is after the jump. I’d not seen it until today, either, which goes to show there are always new experiences, miserable and otherwise, waiting out there for you. It’s sepia-toned and features long slow dissolves and flash-cuts and makes me want to reread Sandman, it’s so super-early-1990s. Enjoy!


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