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Another Thanksgiving dinner is already in the books. My family eats early!

Our meal is for the most part very traditional. We have sausage stuffing and gravy and mashed potatoes:

Usually my dad makes his own sausage, but this year we got it from the marvelous Sabatelle’s Market in downtown Pittston:

Oh, there was also corn:

And sweet potatoes, too, which I never eat:

And there were roasted brussel sprouts, which I failed to snap a picture of.

As for meat, we had a ham and two turkeys. (There are thirteen of us this year, over a few days, and we were originally expecting fifteen.) One of the turkeys was roasted, the other smoked:

Here are some larger views of the table as the food was being brought out:

My cousin Karen posed for one of my photos. Like me, she’s a real show-off:

We all knew where to sit because my mother makes place cards for everyone. I doctored mine a few years back:

And here’s what went in front of my place card:

Observing the whole affair was my parents’ cat, KC:

Finally, I like to dress up some for Thanksgiving dinner. Here is the outfit I chose this year:

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Part 3, forthcoming, is where the real action is.

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