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That’s this Tuesday, 8 January. The event starts at 7:30pm and will feature “poetry, fiction, and other literary sundries” by myself as well as Heather Marie Vernon, Daniela Olszewska, Melissa Severin, Meghan Lamb, and the brilliant Virginia Konchan:

2013 is the year of the snake in the Chinese Zodiac (the snake is considered a good omen in a house as a sign the family would not starve). All things will be possible this year, and saving money and being thrifty will be rewarded by the gods. Wine and refreshments provided, and special prizes offered to those born in the year of the snake.

High Concept Laboratories is located at 1401 W. Wabansia Ave. (Chicago).

You should come!

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The shop is right by three of my other favorite Logan Square institutions: Cafe Mustache, 2 Amigos Restaurant, and Cole’s Bar.

That’s this Thursday, 23 August, at or around 7pm. (Well, after 7pm; we’ll no doubt start a little late, as such events tend to.) Also reading and performing will be BO’B’s own Marc Ruvolo and Davey Houle, and I hear there might be some music in addition to fiction and poetry. I intend to debut some new material, as well as a slick new haircut!

Bucket O’ Blood is an utterly wonderful little bookstore and record shop in Logan Square. They specialize in science-fiction, fantasy, and horror (and they have other things as well), and they are one of my favorite bookstores in Chicago, due to their Marc and Davey’s excellent taste in both fiction and used book quality.

This event is free and open to all and is BYOB. There may also be an actual bucket o’ blood on hand for refreshment purposes.

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That’s this August 5, 2012, at 8pm, at 2222 N. Kenmore #2, Chicago.


Also featuring:

  • $5 suggested donation
  • BYOB/G & T’s and beer in the fridge available all night long
  • hors d’oeuvres

The reading is sponsored by Shotgun Press. Thanks to Rachel Harthcock for inviting me!

& see you there!

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Here are all the online videos of me reading and performing that I currently know of:

Obviously, I need to start taping more of my events.

You can find a list of all of my past events at my site, here.

Currently I have no new events scheduled  😦

I am available to read, sing, dance, juggle, strip, flex, and receive hecklers graciously.

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Specifically, “Come On, Seven!”, which was held on 2 March 2012 at SAIC, was organized by Eckhard Gerdes, and also featured James R. Hugunin, Davis Schneiderman, Yuriy Tarnawsky, Tantra Bensko, Lance Olsen, and E G himself …

(Clicking on the names will take you to the respective videos. Mine are after the jump.)


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This is from May 2008; I finally got around to uploading it. Go, me.

This was videotaped by Jeremy M. Davies and Michelle Tupko at an installment of Erin Teegarden’s Rec Room series, “Words May Be Music,” guest-curated by Beverly Nelson. Held at the Black Rock Bar in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Earth.


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I am now entirely certain that this is what it looks like inside.

That’s this Thursday, 10 May. Also reading will be Chicago’s own Lara Levitan, and my UIC classmate Annah Browning.

Bang Bang Pie & Coffee is a relatively new shop located at 2051 N. California, two blocks due south of the California Blue Line stop.

This reading is part of the relatively new Bang Bang Fiction & Poetry series curated by Ryan Lang, formerly of the Ipsento series.

See you there!

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No one has told me yet whether I'll need to take my clothes off.

That’s this Sunday, at 7pm, at Outer Space Studios (1474 N. Milwaukee Ave., near the CTA Damen Blue Line stop). There’s a suggested donation of $4.

Red Rover is “the reading series that plays with readings.” This will be its 53rd experiment, “Men Undressed,” with Gina Frangello, Cris Mazza, Susan Solomon, Charles Blackstone, Davis Schneiderman, and me:

A celebration for the new anthology Men Undressed: Women Writers and the Male Sexual Experience published by Other Voices Books. In this collection, women writers imagine all things sexual from the point of view of male characters.

More about the participants:


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Right after this post went up, I received a text from Ryan Lang saying that Bang Bang Pie & Coffee would open “tomorrow, March 29, @7am.”

As in, today. As in, they’re already open. As in—you could be there right now, enjoying slices of Shaker Lemon, Chocolate Orange, and Banana Cream pie. And coffee.

Bang Bang Pie and Coffee is located at 2051 N. California, just south of the California Blue Line stop.

And to reiterate, I will be reading there on Thursday, 10 May, 7pm, with Annah Browning and Lara Levitan.

Also, Ryan tells me there’ll be a there on Thursday, April 12…

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I'm pretty sure this is what the space looks like. (I haven't been there yet.)

That’s Thursday, May 10th. Also reading will be Chicago’s own Lara Levitan, and my UIC classmate Annah Browning. This will start around 7pm.

Bang Bang Pie & Coffee is a new shop located at 2051 N. California, two blocks due south of the California Blue Line stop.

Thanks to Ryan Lang for inviting me! Ryan used to run the Ipsento series, and this is his new one. I’ve already recommended that he call it “Bang Bang Fiction & Poetry.”

See you there!

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