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Between now and 31 October, Mutable Sound is offering the following deal. Buy my prose collection Amazing Adult Fantasy, and you’ll get Colin Winnette’s debut novel Revelation for free. Or buy Revelation, and you’ll get AAF for free.

Basically, send Mutable $17.95 ($12.95 for the book + $5 shipping), and you’ll get both Amazing Adult Fantasy and Revelation, sent to your mailbox, or placed by the USPS on the floor beside your mailbox.

You can also purchase Amazing Adult Fantasy and Revelation through Amazon, if you so prefer and so choose.

Suspicious? Here are reviews of Amazing Adult Fantasy:

And here are some stories from it:

And here are some reviews of Revelation:

And here is an excerpt from it.

And here is an interview with Colin. And here is an interview with me. Surely that is enough to tip your hand toward the purchase key on your screen?

Thank you for your interest!

Look at polite & honest we look!

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My good friend Colin Winnette has had some great (and deserved) success publishing recently.

First, his animal story collection Animal Collection will be released by Spork Press on 8 September. To celebrate, “there will be a big release party in Tucson with Amelia Gray and some paint-by-numbers artist or something.” Then Colin will tour with that book in California.

Then, in early 2013, Atticus Books will release two novellas by Colin, Gainesville and In One Story, The Two Sisters. This collection will be called A Long Line of Diggers and its official release party will be at AWP Boston (6–9 March 2013).

I love Colin and I love his writing. In particular, I consider Gainesville one of the best recent works of fiction I’ve read, and it will be my pleasure to write more about all of this in the coming days and months. Meanwhile, Colin’s first book, Revelation (2012), remains available through Mutable Sound.

Congratulations, Colin!!

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