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By Robert L. McLaughlin—many thanks to him and RCF for the very kind words!

Remember, between now and 13 April, if you buy my novel Giant Slugs, I’ll send you a free copy of Amazing Adult Fantasy. I’ve already mailed out one, so you know it’s legit. (More details below.)

I will also write you a letter, and draw you a picture of your favorite animal.

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just went up—well, Part One did, in which Matt Rowan asks me questions about my first book (Amazing Adult Fantasy), G.I. Joe, geek culture, Ota Benga, Ayn Rand, George Orwell, and bad writing habits; we also discuss Curtis White, Theodor Adorno, Viktor Shklovsky, and ninjas, among other things.

[Update: Part Two, which focuses more on my first novel, Giant Slugs, is now up.]

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