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A friend gave me a copy of Chris Butler’s epic rock masterpiece in the late ’90s, on a cassette tape that included both the short version …

… and the full version, which isn’t up at YouTube. But check out Butler’s site The Major Glitch, where you can not only listen to and read about the full version, but also listen to an even longer version. Which is still being composed, and is in search of contributions:

[T]en years ago, the most recording time on a commercially pressed CD was 74 minutes. Today, thanks to the internet – there is NO time limit, so I’m in the process of expanding the song, making an online version that hopefully will go on for hours and hours…and would love it if you could record something and get it back to me in an MP3 format.

Sometimes you can fix something by just sourcing a crowd.

Thanks to dig-i-tal-i-za-tion.

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